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Logistics & Shipping Services

SuperYacht Spares has a close relationship with various superyacht builders, and provides yards with catalogues of parts that are relevant specifically to the project under construction. This takes into account the way the yacht will be used - a boat circumnavigating the globe with the owners living onboard needs a different stock of spare parts than a charter yacht which berths in a port every night, for instance.

SuperYacht Spares pays a lot of attention to logistics and information. Products ordered from various suppliers are inspected and repackaged in our central logistics centre, and boxed and labelled according to their deck/ location/cabin destination. All products are individually labelled with the relevant information, including component number, description, supplier/manufacturer, group description, etc. Barcode labelling enables quick processing, and full integration with your onboard yacht management software is also possible. This makes stock management and reordering highly convenient.

Depending on the level of urgency, size of the parts, and distance to the yacht, shipments can take place by air, sea or road freight, or by global courier service. A packing list and paperwork necessary for customs clearance accompanies each shipment. Depending on the situation we can deliver all supplies to the shipyard or you can use our warehouse for your storage. You are welcome to visit us and check on the progress of your orders – we are located within an hour’s drive of most major Dutch shipyards.

On a case-by-case basis we will help you find the best solution for VAT-free supplies to your project. Our VAT consultant can also provide advice on non-standard situations.

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