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New Build Projects

Although providing supplies to a new build project may seem similar to supplying a yacht already launched, there are some crucial differences. Above all, this is the best possible moment to build up a database covering everything that is and will be installed and/or supplied onboard. A detailed inventory will allow you to order any additional or replacement items in the shortest possible time during the lifetime of the yacht. The use of a yacht management system such as IDEA is highly recommended. We have standardised all our procedures and data in such a way that importing information into the YMS involves little more than a push of a button.

Structure and labeling

SuperYacht Spares will help you to set up a group structure for your yacht and ensure that every single item we supply is documented in the right place in your database.

For your spares supplies we will also keep a reference to the shipyards system codes which will help you find the right drawings or documentation provided by the yard. Depending on your preference, we can either generate quotes based on a list of spares you have compiled or create a recommended spare parts catalogue out of which you make a selection.

A part number, description and manufacturer are insufficient to determine which system an item belongs to. This is why the system (e.g. ‘main engine’ or ‘guest linen master stateroom’) and the group information are included on all our labels. Labels with barcoding have been supported since 2005 and allow for easy stock control. Upon request we can work with RFID chips to identify parts and equipment.


In order to identify parts in your yacht management system, photos can be taken in our warehouse. This is an additional service via our dedicated in-house studio created especially for the purpose. Each image can be stored with the part number of the item as the file name to allow easy import into the yacht management system. Photos of the interior supplies can also of course be used in service instructions.


Based on your requirements we can pack supplies in George Utz or Zarges containers, standardised logistics containers that you will be able to buy at any time in the future. This allows you to build custom storage racking to size without running the risk that the containers are no longer available. A packing list is included in every container which leaves our warehouse, documenting the items contained within. A range of box numbers is selected for every new build project so that each box which goes on board the yacht has a unique identifier. SuperYacht Spares keeps track of all these numbers and includes them in your database. Should anything happen to your onboard storage system we will always be able to inform you which items are stored in which box. We can even send you the original database.

Delivery and tax

Depending on the situation we can deliver all supplies to the shipyard or you can use our warehouse for your storage. You are welcome to visit us and check on the progress of your orders – we are located within an hour’s drive of most major Dutch shipyards. On a case-by-case basis we will help you find the best solution for VAT-free supplies to your project. Our VAT consultant can also provide advice on non-standard situations.

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