Personal support

Let our team of young professionals with specialist knowledge of all requirements for every department and activity on board help you to keep your yacht in top operating order. It will save you and your crew a great deal of time, hassle and money.

Logistics & handling

SuperYacht Spares pays a lot of attention to logistics. Products ordered from any manufacturer are inspected and repacked in our warehouse. All shipments will be organised according to the available group and sub-group data such as department, system or storage location on board. 


All products are individually labelled with the relevant information, including manufacturer part number, barcode, description, group and storage location. This saves the crew a lot of time checking and storing the products. 

Online Portal

The online portal provides clients with a unique real-time solution to access and track the status of all orders and deliveries. The portal is particularly useful for rotation crew and specifically designed to allow multiple parties access to the detailed information. This portal is an ideal tool to ensure that everyone involved in the order process is kept up to date. To go directly to the Online Portal click here or on the button at the right top op the website.


In order to identify parts in your yacht management system, photos can be taken in our warehouse. This is an additional service. Each image can be stored with the part number of the item as the file name to allow easy import into the yacht management system. 

Integration with Yacht Management System

The use of a yacht management system is highly recommended. We have standardised all our procedures and data in such a way that importing information into any Yacht Management System involves little more than a push of a button.

A detailed inventory will allow you to order any additional or replacement items as quickly as possible during the lifetime of the yacht.

Shipping & onboard delivery service

Depending on the level of urgency, size of the parts, and distance to the yacht, shipments can take place by air, sea or road freight, by global courier service or personal delivery. A packing list and the necessary paperwork for customs clearance accompany each shipment.