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The SuperYacht Spares Team

A team of proffessionals is available to support any department on board.

Timo Dam

SuperYacht Spares is the best F.U.N. I ever had! 
Fantastic clients
Unique yachts all over the world
Never a dull moment since I started in 2003!
It is Super to see that almost all clients stayed with us over the years. The trust they give us is enormously appreciated!

@: tdam@superyachtspares.com
: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Bas Copijn

My work onboard yachts made me realise how important it is to have a reliable partner ashore. Due to my experience on deck as well as in the engineroom I am able to get you what you need in a cost effective way and within the shortest possible time. 
@: bcopijn@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Rodney van Ekeren

With a background in business engineering and a wide international focus, yachting is a perfect match. I will help you with the selection and supply of any bridge, deck and engineering equipment for both new build and cruising yachts.

@: rvekeren@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Anja van de Werken

After 20 years of experience on the supply side of commercial shipping I am familiar with almost all suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. This is why I am the main contact for all spare part catalogues we make for various reknowned superyacht builders in the world.

@: avdwerken@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Sandra van Dijk

The biggest part of my working life I have been involved with yachting. From my experience, working for brokers, I learned that timing, efficiency and response time are very important. I will make sure that you get what you need in time and with the right documents.

@: svdijk@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Martin Rutten

As someone with an engineering background I will make sure the right parts reach you in time and in excellent condition. You can rest assure all your parts are checked by me or one of my capable co-workers to make sure you get what you need.

@: warehouse@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Ivar van den Bos

After 19 years of sales-experience in the technical wholesale industry, I know how to focus on gaining a full understanding of your needs. I will help you manage all your onboard needs efficiently and try to reduce the “new-build” worries.

@: ivdbos@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Coen Wagner

I have been fascinated by the yachts which line the ports and harbours throughout the Mediterranean since I was a child. It was whilst I was studying Mechanical & Business Engineering that I eventually followed my dream of working with superyachts whilst doing my internships. It is the knowledge and experience I gained during this period that enables me to assist you with all your engineering problems. I ensure that the spares you require are delivered to you on time and hassle free so that you can focus on your work on board and enjoy yachting.

@: cwagner@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Bart Kloosterman

My background in electrical engineering means I understand the absolute importance of needing and getting the right parts. Together with my colleagues I make sure that all your requested parts are checked before they are sent to you, ensuring we provide you with the parts you want, when you need them.

@: warehouse@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Robin de Man

It is through my work at SuperYacht Spares that I have not only learnt a great deal about the superyacht business itself but have also grown as a person. My financial experience, caring personality and the desire to continuously keep learning remain my strong motivation to ensure our clients remain happy. I enjoy my work and hope to be part of this great team for many years to come.

@: rdman@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Walter Stolk

As a bachelor in Business Administration and thanks to my international interest & work experience, the fast growing yachting industry is a perfect match for me. In my role as a Sales Engineer I will make sure I provide you with the efficient, fast and cost effective supply of all needed spare parts on board ensuring you never need to compromise on the pleasure of yachting.

@: wstolk@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

Vera O’Herne

With a commercial background and an innate love of the water, I thoroughly enjoy being part of the SuperYacht Spares team. I am on hand to help you select and supply all the interior and galley items you need, to make sure the owner and crew have the best possible time on board.

@: voherne@superyachtspares.com
(: +31 (0)183 63 91 93

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