Outsourcing After Sales

We provide shipyards with an outsourcing service allowing you to focus on your core business. Building superyachts. And whilst you as a yacht builder focus on that, we take care of the yacht provisioning and aftersales logistics. We offer multiple services, including our unique and tailormade Spare Part Catalogue for every yacht leaving the shipyard.


  • Increased contact between shipyard and their fleet

  • High service level for clients (broader range of products and faster service)

  • No need for shipyard to expand their after sales department

  • Unlimited access – available 24/7

With a track record of more than 10 years working with the most prestigious superyacht builders worldwide, your yard will benefit from our passion and problem solving attitude — going the extra nautical mile by investing in our team and organisation to provide the best service possible.

Please contact Timo Dam for more information and to discuss the possibilities of the above described cooperation in a personal conversation.