An extension of your team

A team with specialist knowledge of all requirements for every department on board is available to work with you and help you set up your yacht under construction. Our specialists will join you at your yard on a regular basis. 


The information collected over the past 15+ years is a valuable source for budgeting purposes. Within a couple of days we are able to provide you with accurate budgeting figures for your specifc yacht.


On a case-by-case basis we will help you find the best solution for VAT-free supplies to your project. Our VAT consultant can also provide advice on non-standard situations.

Data collection

Detailed information on the installed equipment on board can be collected during site visits throughout the construction process. This data is used to make the right selection of spare parts and can be integrated into the yacht management system.

Structuring & Categorization

We will help you to set up a group structure for your yacht and ensure that every single item we supply is documented in the right place in your database. For your spares supplies we will also keep a reference to the shipyard’s system codes which will help you find the right drawings or documentation provided by the yard. 


Spare Part Catalogue

Depending on your preference, we can either generate quotes based on a list of spares you have compiled or create a recommended spare parts catalogue from which you make a selection. SuperYacht Spares has a close relationship with various superyacht builders, and provides yards with catalogues of parts that are relevant specifically to the project under construction. All items ordered through our catalogues are guaranteed to be 100% right for the specific yacht.

Integration with Yacht Management System

The use of a yacht management system will make your life easier. We have standardised all our procedures and data in such a way that importing information into the Yacht Management System involves little more than a push of a button. A detailed inventory will allow you to order any additional or replacement items as quickly as possible during the lifetime of the yacht. The synchronisation of our database with your yacht management system will guarantee the fastest and most reliable service possible. 


Depending on the situation, we can deliver all supplies to the shipyard or you can use our warehouse for your storage. You are welcome to visit us and check on the progress of your orders – we are located within an hour’s drive of most major Dutch shipyards.

On board storage

Based on your requirements we can pack supplies in Rako or Zarges containers, standardised logistics containers that you will be able to buy at any time in the future.This allows you to build custom storage racking to size without running the risk that the containers are no longer available.